YAMAHA XT1200 SUPER Ténéré koplamprooster (Code: SU10-2-1104)


Een must wanneer je wel eens een stukje offroad mee pakt!

Dit fraai vormgegeven koplamprooster / lampprotector voor de YAMAHA XT1200 Super Ténéré is vervaardigd uit RVS / INOX

The Yamaha Super Tenere has earned a well-deserved reputation for its capability on the road and off. Protect the vulnerable headlight from damage with a headlight guard from AltRider.

The AltRider headlight guard is laser cut from a single piece of stainless steel -- creating a fully comprehensive protection system. After a meticulous study, AltRider designed a mesh pattern that minimizes loss of illumination while actually blocking damaging debris. The stainless steel construction is extremely resistant to rust or weathering.

The guard is mounted via custom machined aluminum ball studs and rubber sockets. This design creates a robust foundation while eliminating annoying vibration. Installation takes only minutes -- simply replace the four screws around the headlight with the ball studs and pop the guard in place.

Prijs: € 116,11
Bezorg tijd: 5-10 werkdagen
Toepassing: Accessoires, Protectors
YAMAHA: XT1200 Supere Ténéré
Aantal in voorraad: Onbeperkt
Artikel wordt direct besteld bij de fabriek en zo snel als mogelijk geleverd.
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