TT® - Antitheft stainless steel double cable ø 3 (Code: AL.03.00477.000.000:I6-3)


This exclusive double, antitheft AISI 316 stainless steel super-flexible cable is produced according to our specifications. It will prove to be extremely appropriate for securing crash helmets and bags to the frame of your motorbike. The double cable allows you to secure various things at the same time onto the same fastening spot.

The cable is equipped with two handy little velcro straps for storage.

Length cm. 100 x 2    Weight kg. 0.104

Fabrikant: TWALCOM
Prijs: € 25,85
Toepassing: Accessoires
Motortype: Alle types
Husqvarna: Alle Husqvarna
Aantal in voorraad: 1
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