SP connect telefoonhouder steun BMW iPphone X XS (Code: 45150-308)


With the SP Connect motorcycle bundle, your iPhone X or XS~can be attached to the motorcycle in seconds.

After the one-time and simple assembly of the holder on the handlebar, the smartphone is simply placed onto the holder and locked with a 90 ° turn clockwise. The mobile phone is securely positioned in the middle of the field of vision; nothing else gets in the way of successful navigation.

The facts:

  • Compatible with SP Connect products
  • Secure locking with 90° turn
  • Slim, protective, functional
  • Use of all connections and buttons
  • 3-layer construction for ultimate protection
  • Optional water protection through weather cover (not contained in the bundle, available separately)
  • CNC finished of aeroplane aluminium
  • Landscape or portrait format assembly
  • Super-stable 360° adjustment option in 6° steps
  • Suitable for standard and oversize handlebars (0.875 / 1.0 / 1.125 / 1.25 diameter in inches // 22,2 / 25,4 / 28,6 / 31,7 mm )
Fabrikant: Wunderlich
Prijs: € 98,99
Bezorg tijd: 3-5 werkdagen
Toepassing: Accessoires, Protectors, Lampen/Electronica
Motortype: Alle types
Aantal in voorraad: Onbeperkt
Artikel wordt direct besteld bij de fabriek en zo snel als mogelijk geleverd.
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