TT® - Crossbar mm. 300 Single Clamp for R1200GS/ADV-LC - Black (Code: AA.02.02587.001.013:I2-6)


With the crossbar UNI Single Clamp designed and manufactured by us you expressly for the R1250GS R1250 GSA and R1200GS/ADV-LC 
it is possible to increased stiffness of the handlebar necessary in many situations. It also creates the possibility of applying directly to the crossbar many accessories such as: on-board computer, GPS, radio, door maps, etc. It applies without any modification and without disassembling other parts of the bike. 
The particular design of the Single Clamp and the molded part of the crossbar is designed to allow perfect mating with the parts of the motorcycle and a particularly simple and fast mounting. .

Molded bar in Peralluman Black color, length: mm. 300. Single Clamp in 4 mm. molded Peralluman (protected with plastic coating) available in the colors: Black, Silver, Electric Blue and Red Racing.

Stainless steel accessories. Instructions: Clear instructions in Italian with photos.

Fabrikant: TWALCOM
Prijs: € 46,73
Bezorg tijd: 1-3 werkdagen
Toepassing: Protectors
Voor BMW Motortypes:
BMW R1250 serie: R1250 GS, R1250 GS HP, R1250 GSA, R1250 GSA HP
BMW R1200 serie: R1200 GS LC 2013-2016, R1200 GSA LC 2013-2016, R1200 GS 2017-2018, R1200 GSA 2017-2018, R1200 GSA Rallye 2017-2018
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