TT® - Right and Left Side Panel Set for R1200GS/ADV-LC (Code: AA.02.01917.001.014)


The set side panels has been specifically designed for use within the frame of the R1200GS/ADV LC 2013/15. Completely covering the wide open spaces of the frame effectively contributes to the improvement of the protection of the driver and passenger from water, dust, dirt and rocks.

The system consists of two solid guards 2.5 mm. thick fixed to the frame with very strong stainless steel brackets with anti-vibration rubber coating. It is applied in a few minutes without any modification.

New color mat black.

Structure: brackets and screws in stainless steel, guards in peralluman 2.5 mm.

Instructions: clear instructions in Italian with photos.

Warning: In the Rally 2017 version, the Right and Left Side Panel Set can only be mounted only disassembling the plastic frame guards.

Fabrikant: TWALCOM
Prijs: € 99,92
Bezorg tijd: 9-15 werkdagen
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