TT® - Healight Guard R1200GS/ADV-LC 2013/18 - Electric Blue (Code: AA.02.02376.001.013:21B)


This robust protection by extremly original design is designed specifically to give maximum protection to the main headlight by making the application simple and reversible in a few seconds. The mounting is in fact made with quick inserts on rubber anti-vibration mounts.

No screws and/or utensils are needed for the removal of protection. Designed and manufactured by us, it consists of two pieces that allow easy assembly and easy cleaning of the main headlight plastic.

The OFFROAD headlight guard is made of high quality materials and comes complete with quick-release spacers, rubber anti-vibration mounts and stainless steel screws. Structure: Support, steel protected with high strength epoxy acrylic paints; Guard, 2 mm Anodized Peraluman.

Available in Black/Black and Black/Electric Blue. Extremely small weight: only 280 g.

Instructions: clear Italian instructions with photos. The Headlight OFFROAD Guard can be mounted on: R1200GS/ADV-LC 2013/2018.

The OFFORAD headlight guard is not homologated for road use. For use on public roads must be removed

Fabrikant: TWALCOM
Prijs: € 108,82
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