RVS Koplampbeschermer BMW R1200GS LC met quick remove (Code: 05-045-5093:10c)


Our headlight protector has been thoroughly tried and tested over the years – we’ve sold thousands. Even the biggest stones won’t be able to damage your headlight with this!

New durable stainless steel model now available with quick release fastener!
Now you can clip on the headlight protector and detach it again as needed. Just bolt the sturdy and secure side struts.

And of course the protector comes with everything you need to fit it. 

This headlight protector has been developed for OFF-ROAD use and is not street legal.

* Wettelijk is het volgens de RDW niet toegestaan om de iets voor of op de koplamp te monteren.

Fabrikant: Touratech
Prijs: € 89,99
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