TT® - Protector Set L+R for O.E.M. Crashbars R1250GS/ADV LC 2019 Black (Code: NNB:NS)


For R1250ADV LC 2017-2018 and R1250GS LC 2019(only in conjunction with the BMW Crashbars - Original BMW. 

Does not fit on R1200GS LC and R1200GSA LC before 2019.

This robust Protectors Set has been specifically designed for use with to the original BMW Crashbars (optional for R1250GS). This additional Protectors Set, as well as being built with quality materials, allow for full protection of the cylinder heads in any situation.

The system consists of two solid guards in Peralluman 6 mm. with additional internal coating foam rubber 20 mm. of thickness attached to the original crashbars with very sturdy stainless steel brackets with anti-vibration rubber coating. It applies without modification and without removing other parts of the bike.

New color: silver. and electric blu soon available.

Structure: Brackets and stainless steel screws. Protections in peralluman 6 mm. with additional internal coating foam rubber 20 mm. of thickness.

Instructions: clear instructions in Italian, with photos.

Fabrikant: TWALCOM
Prijs: € 244,99
Bezorg tijd: op aanvraag
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